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The Hope for the Hungry campaign is aimed to ensure 350 of Volusia County’s neediest students and their families benefit from Food Brings Hope's weekend food bag program. Food Brings Hope invites donors to sponsor a family today.

Volusia County has over 2,000 homeless students enrolled in our schools and thousands more who are economically disadvantaged and on the verge of becoming homeless. Many of these students and their families will go to bed hungry most nights. For just $40 a month, donors can ensure that a family will receive a food bag each week for as long as they are willing to donate. When meals are provided, economically disadvantaged families are able to dedicate their limited funds to paying their rent and utilities thus avoiding becoming homeless. We believe through the Hope for the Hungry campaign, our community is able to reduce homelessness among Volusia County students.

The weekend grocery bag initiative involves the distribution of 40-pound bags of non-perishable food items plus six pounds of frozen meats provided in partnership with Halifax Urban Ministries (HUM). A bag of groceries can feed a family of four for a weekend. Food Brings Hope has been partnering with HUM to eradicate hunger and homelessness for the past four years.

We invite everyone to join Food Brings Hope in eradicating hunger and homelessness for our community’s children and their families by becoming a sponsor of Hope for the Hungry. Checks may also be sent to Food Brings Hope at 555 West Granada Boulevard, Suite B12, Ormond Beach, Florida 32174.

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