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Heritage Middle School is so excited to have (FBH) Food Brings Hope apart of school. We started our program in November 2019, and we are already on fire and soaring to the top. We have two amazing FBH programs. We have Teen Zone as well as the Honors program. The FBH Honors Program has 20 students and the Teen Zone Program has 25 students. We Have a total of 45 active teen zone members as of today. Teen Zone is one of the most positive and active programs on our Heritage Middle School campus.
The FBH Honors program meets twice a week and on the 1st Saturday of each month. The Teen Zone program meets on Thursday from 4:15 to 5:45. Our meetings are fun and engaging. Our students work on Science projects, public speaking presentations, homework and self-esteem activities. Our science projects are rooted in mathematics, earth and space science, engineering, and technology.

Every meeting our students look forward to receiving a hot meal after a long day in school. They enjoy the opportunity to share with peers and sponsors.

Through our program, our members have gained positive role models as well as built great friendships with other Teen Zone Members. 

The FBHonors program recently participated in the Science Olympiad Competition in Jacksonville where they were awarded 3rd place overall.  Additionally many of the student received individual medals.

We are looking forward to our upcoming trips which the Orlando Science Center, bowling, and the Tour of ICI Homes.

The FBH Sponsors at Heritage Middle School are Sharon Brown, Amanda Silvia, Widalys Ortiz, we look forward each week to working with our smart and hardworking students. We are in awe at how much they have grown in such a short period of time.

We are very thankful to have Food Brings Hope on our campus. The opportunities awarded through the program has allowed our students to have new experiences that will impact their lives for years to come. FBH ROCKS At Heritage Middle School, where Eagles Soar!

Heritage Middle
Heritage Middle
Heritage Middle
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