KidsZone and TeenZone Programs

  • KidsZone and TeenZone Programs
  • KidsZone and TeenZone Programs
  • KidsZone and TeenZone Programs

Our after-school programs, which we call KidsZone in the elementary schools and TeenZone in the middle and high schools, are being administered in 24 Volusia County Schools and 1 Flagler County School.  Kids/Teen Zone is designed to provide a platform and opportunities for at-risk students to improve their performance at school.

By providing additional academic guidance, enrichment opportunities and nourishing meals, our KidsZone / TeenZone programs seek to help at-risk students improve their performance at school.  Key programming elements include:

  • Tutoring
  • Nourishing Meals and Snacks
  • Student Reward System for Improvement
  • Educational / Enriching Field Trips 
  • Tours of College Campuses
  • Motivational Speakers and Special Events 
  • Transportation to and from FBH Programs and Events

Teachers and educators say the proof of these programs' effectiveness is measurable through:

  • Improved grades and test scores
  • Reduced absenteeism
  • Fewer disciplinary referrals

But the intangible benefits are the ones that touch our hearts:

  • The look of wonder on a young girl's face when arriving at an FBH sponsored concert at the NewsJournalCenter...she had never seen a flight of stairs so high before.

  • The excitement among FBHonors students dressed in their Sunday best at the FBH tend of the year recognition banquet...several had never been served in a restaurant before.

  • The dozens of hands waving in the air, volunteering their knowledge of good nutrition at our Nutrition Day at Starke Elementary while snacking on fresh fruits and vegetables. 

  • The enthusiasm shown by many students upon arrival at Embry-Riddle University to attend a women's and men's basketball game.

  • The list is as long as the list of students we serve. 


Bunnell Elementary - KidsZone and FBHonors

Bunnell Elementary - KidsZone and FBHonors


Bunnell Elementary School is excited about our after school programs through Food Brings Hope. Kid Zone meets twice weekly (on Tuesdays and Thursdays) after school and students enjoy dinner from either the cafeteria or a restaurant in the local community. There are fifteen students in the program and each meeting includes a fun activity related to science and/or math standards. In keeping with the STEM theme, students had an agricultural experience at the Alligator Farm and have an upcoming trip to Marineland.

Our Kid Zone Honors group also meets twice weekly (on Wednesdays and Thursdays). The theme for this group is “Around the World” and utilizes a STEM curriculum. Students are experiencing different cuisines for dinner as part of the club and also participate in a variety of enriching activities (such as implementing engineering knowledge to create structures made from Pringles chips). Students will be taking trips locally to visit high school academies as well nearby museums of science and industry, and are looking forward to a culminating trip to Disney at the end of the year.

Heritage Middle

Heritage Middle

Heritage Middle School is so excited to have (FBH) Food Brings Hope apart of school. We started our program in November 2019, and we are already on fire and soaring to the top. We have two amazing FBH programs. We have Teen Zone as well as the Honors program. The FBH Honors Program has 20 students and the Teen Zone Program has 25 students. We Have a total of 45 active teen zone members as of today. Teen Zone is one of the most positive and active programs on our Heritage Middle School campus.
The FBH Honors program meets twice a week and on the 1st Saturday of each month. The Teen Zone program meets on Thursday from 4:15 to 5:45. Our meetings are fun and engaging. Our students work on Science projects, public speaking presentations, homework and self-esteem activities. Our science projects are rooted in mathematics, earth and space science, engineering, and technology.

Every meeting our students look forward to receiving a hot meal after a long day in school. They enjoy the opportunity to share with peers and sponsors.

Through our program, our members have gained positive role models as well as built great friendships with other Teen Zone Members. 

The FBHonors program recently participated in the Science Olympiad Competition in Jacksonville where they were awarded 3rd place overall.  Additionally many of the student received individual medals.

We are looking forward to our upcoming trips which the Orlando Science Center, bowling, and the Tour of ICI Homes.

The FBH Sponsors at Heritage Middle School are Sharon Brown, Amanda Silvia, Widalys Ortiz, we look forward each week to working with our smart and hardworking students. We are in awe at how much they have grown in such a short period of time.

We are very thankful to have Food Brings Hope on our campus. The opportunities awarded through the program has allowed our students to have new experiences that will impact their lives for years to come. FBH ROCKS At Heritage Middle School, where Eagles Soar!

Ormond Beach Elementary

Ormond Beach Elementary


There are currently 15 students in Ormond Beach Elementary's KidsZone program.  We meet twice a month and have a quarterly luncheon. At every meeting students are provided a snack. We tutor for the 1st hour of each meeting. We review grades and conference with students on choices, home life, school, etc. The end half we typically work on vision boards, or research for the next meeting.

We try to go on a field trip monthly or every 6 weeks. Students have visited the Ormond in the Pines Assisted Living Facility, Steve’s Famous Diner, and fishing at the Granada bridge. When we return from spring break we will be going to beach to do a beach cleanup and are also scheduled to take a field trip to Wonder Works.

Palm Terrace Elementary

Palm Terraces' KidZone Program averages 20-35 students per week.  We provide tutoring, help with homework, food, FSA preparation and additional support to our families that participate. We typically meet on Tuesdays and Thursdays at least 3-4 times a month. However, the days may vary, based on schedule.

The Food Brings Hope program allows our families to not only be supported by the enrichment of programs and activities we provide, but also the nourishment received through the donated groceries we disseminate every Thursday and Friday. The parents are always so appreciative for us being able to help fill in the gap. This program ensures that no child will every have to worry about food or being hungry. Once that obstacle has been taken away, we are sure to follow up with all our families to see how else we can lovingly serve them and add value to their child’s overall well-being.

At least once a month we take a trip or have an activity that allows us to expose our children to something they’ve never done before, or some thing they don’t get to do often. One of our most impactful trips was a trip to The Kingsley Plantation located in Jacksonville, Florida. We were able to take a commercial bus for this trip and the students were so amazed by the amenities of the bus. They had never been on a bus where it came with air conditioning, TVs and a restroom. So even before we could leave, they were very excited about being exposed to something like that. It’s beautiful to see that, what may seem simple to us, often make a huge impact to others.

Another highlight that was really enriching was the Christmas program at the News Journal. The children not only had a great dinner, but they were able to watch a movie and sing Christmas carols with one another. Christmas can be a tough time for some families across the world, but this program ensures that our children are not left behind and always have toys and activities for Christmas. We are appreciative that this program exists and can see the impact it’s making in the lives of many children across Florida.

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