KidsZone and TeenZone Programs

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Our after-school programs, which we call KidsZone in the elementary schools and TeenZone in the middle and high schools, are being administered in 27 Volusia County Schools and 2 Flagler County Schools.  Kids/Teen Zone is designed to provide a platform and opportunities for at-risk students to improve their performance at school.

By providing additional academic guidance, enrichment opportunities and nourishing meals, our KidsZone / TeenZone programs seek to help at-risk students improve their performance at school.  Key programming elements include:

  • Tutoring
  • Nourishing Meals and Snacks
  • Student Reward System for Improvement
  • Educational / Enriching Field Trips 
  • Tours of College Campuses
  • Motivational Speakers and Special Events 
  • Transportation to and from FBH Programs and Events

Teachers and educators say the proof of these programs' effectiveness is measurable through:

  • Improved grades and test scores
  • Reduced absenteeism
  • Fewer disciplinary referrals

But the intangible benefits are the ones that touch our hearts:

  • The look of wonder on a young girl's face when arriving at an FBH sponsored concert at the NewsJournalCenter...she had never seen a flight of stairs so high before.

  • The excitement among FBHonors students dressed in their Sunday best at the FBH tend of the year recognition banquet...several had never been served in a restaurant before.

  • The dozens of hands waving in the air, volunteering their knowledge of good nutrition at our Nutrition Day at Starke Elementary while snacking on fresh fruits and vegetables. 

  • The enthusiasm shown by many students upon arrival at Embry-Riddle University to attend a women's and men's basketball game.

  • The list is as long as the list of students we serve. 


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