Malana Jackson - Mainland High School FBHonors

December 22, 2020 - Daytona Beach News-Journal

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It is hard to believe I have been in FBHonors since I was in fourth grade at Westside Elementary. My name Is Malana Jackson, and I am a senior at Mainland High School. My sister is older than I am, but was also in the Food Brings Hope FBHonors program. Since I first started in the program, I have made a lot of friends and many of my closest ones are also in the program.

FBHonors gives us the opportunity to attend amazing field trips. My favorite was when we went to see “The Lion King” musical. “Lion King” is my favorite Disney movie, and it was fascinating to watch it live.

Math and science have always been my favorite subjects in school. Being in FBHonors has helped me in both those areas since STEM curriculum is used and specific skills are taught in the FBHonors program throughout elementary, middle school and high school.

The sponsor of FBHonors at Mainland is the science department chair, Ms. Kristie Long. Sponsors have helped me stay focused and motivated in school. My career goal is to be a pediatrician.

To celebrate Christmas, I hope to spend time with my family and visit my grandparents. My dad's bait caster got stolen, so I would like to give him a new one to brighten his Christmas. A nice gift for me would be a candle because I really have begun to like the smell of them. Most of all, I wish for the world to become a little more normal and the virus to be controlled.

Food Brings Hope has really been one of my foundations through school and in my personal life. When it comes to school, Food Brings Hope leaders offer encouragement, motivate me to do my best, gain confidence in reaching my future goals, and to be successful in my future. They helped me grow as a student and young adult.

Note: The Food Brings Hope Team also wanted to express their pride in Malana and her current class rank of No. 2 at Mainland High School.

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