Palm Terrace Elementary

Palm Terraces' KidZone Program averages 20-35 students per week.  We provide tutoring, help with homework, food, FSA preparation and additional support to our families that participate. We typically meet on Tuesdays and Thursdays at least 3-4 times a month. However, the days may vary, based on schedule.

The Food Brings Hope program allows our families to not only be supported by the enrichment of programs and activities we provide, but also the nourishment received through the donated groceries we disseminate every Thursday and Friday. The parents are always so appreciative for us being able to help fill in the gap. This program ensures that no child will every have to worry about food or being hungry. Once that obstacle has been taken away, we are sure to follow up with all our families to see how else we can lovingly serve them and add value to their child’s overall well-being.

At least once a month we take a trip or have an activity that allows us to expose our children to something they’ve never done before, or some thing they don’t get to do often. One of our most impactful trips was a trip to The Kingsley Plantation located in Jacksonville, Florida. We were able to take a commercial bus for this trip and the students were so amazed by the amenities of the bus. They had never been on a bus where it came with air conditioning, TVs and a restroom. So even before we could leave, they were very excited about being exposed to something like that. It’s beautiful to see that, what may seem simple to us, often make a huge impact to others.

Another highlight that was really enriching was the Christmas program at the News Journal. The children not only had a great dinner, but they were able to watch a movie and sing Christmas carols with one another. Christmas can be a tough time for some families across the world, but this program ensures that our children are not left behind and always have toys and activities for Christmas. We are appreciative that this program exists and can see the impact it’s making in the lives of many children across Florida.

Hosseini Family Foundation
100% of Food Brings Hope overhead is paid for by the Hosseini Family Foundation!
100% of donations to Food Brings Hope directly benefit students.

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