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Samantha Roylance shares Food Brings Hope story

December 3, 2020 - Daytona Beach News-Journal USA TODAY NETWORK

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Samantha Roylance is my name and this is the first year I have been in FBHonors at Westside. I have been a student at Westside since second grade. Being in FBHonors helps me to learn more in math and science, which are two of my favorite subjects.

When I think of Food Brings Hope, I think of hope, kindness and thankfulness. Everyone is kind in FBHonors, and I made three new friends since I joined. I am thankful that I get the extra help after school in math and science because it will help me when I grow up. Most people don't want to be what I want to be when I grow up which is a marine biologist.

We haven't been able to go on any FBH field trips yet this year, but we are hoping to go on a field trip to a marine lab at the end of the school year. There, we will get to snorkel and attend classes to learn more about marine life. This experience will help me learn more about being a marine biologist, too.

For Christmas it would be great to get tae kwon do lessons. I can't take lessons now because the lessons are at the same time as FBHonors plus they are very expensive. I hope sometime I will be able to take these lessons. My family also feels that FBHonors is very special and important for me to attend.

All of the fifth-grade teachers are nice to me, and for Christmas, I wish I could get each of them a cool poster of something or someone they like. 

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