Science is My Favorite Subject - Monday, December 9, 2019

Monday, December 9, 2019


My name is X'Zariyian and I am in the 5th grade at Bunnell Elementary in Flagler County. I joined Kid Zone this year when it started at my school, Bunnell Elementary. In our club we eat together and do a lot of math and science stuff. Science is my favorite subject, and in Kid Zone we recently made slime. We learned about chemical and physical changes, and we learned that making slime is messy.

Kid Zone has been fun and it has helped me with my grades. It has especially made science a lot easier and I am more prepared for the FSA. I am looking forward to some of the field trips we are going to take this year and am looking forward to our holiday trip and to going to the Marine Science Center. Also, I have new friends in Kid Zone from other classes, which I like. I found out that one of my new friends and I share the same favorite TV show, which is "Stranger Things."

A little bit about me is that when I grow up I would like to be a doctor or a lawyer. I am excited about the holidays and am hoping to get an iPhone. I will be giving my mom my love and affection but I would also really like to give her a trip to a spa. I really like participating in Kid Zone because I get to go on field trips, have new experiences, and make things.


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